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An Alternative Rock album with music written, recorded and mixed by Sam Cabral. The former singer/songwriter for Achen’ Hole Sinners and Ghost24. Mastering by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance Audio.

“Mademoiselle’s debut EP shines to the heavens with restless, emotional songs of such high gloss it’s hard to believe that the entire release, from artwork to final mix, is the product of just one dude, Sam Cabral. The only other credit is New Alliance engineer Nick Zampiello.
The stormy vocals are the focal point on these five tracks. Listening to Sam’s soulful croon, it seems fitting that he spent a great deal of his childhood on The Azores, a remote island cluster off the Portuguese coast…”
Vocal expression can’t be taught. You either have it or you don’t. This guy has it, and manages to invoke the spirit of isolation amidst beauty, singing private pain out loud in the fearless style of Jeff Buckley, Thom Yorke or Coldplay’s Chris Martin. Growing up in a peaceful island setting may have nothing to do with it, but seems one way to describe why Mademoiselle makes you feel the way you do when you listen to these songs.
Ghosts and gypsies haunt “Drink All Your Wine,” a stand-out track anchored by a deadly bass line. “Worth Changing” is a cathartic rocker. But it’s the radio-ready “Tornado” that will no doubt get Mademoiselle the most attention. Put simply, it rocks. The vocals seethe, guitars soar to a crescendo, and an electronic groove zings straight through your chest cavity like a sonic twister. Better grab hold of something, because Mademoiselle is just getting started.”
(Lexi Kahn – )

All songs and artwork copyright © 2022 Samuel Cabral. All Rights Reserved.