Vulcana - Sam & Sara Cabral - Azores

The First Craft Brewery + Taproom in São Miguel!

In the volcanic islands of the Azores, on the island of São Miguel to be precise, we finally found the perfect place for VULCANA – a home for beer making, beer drinking, great music, creative movement workshops, yoga and more!

We still have much to do but are working hard on getting you the best Craft Beer experience possible right here in the Azores.

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First Brand of Streetwear in the Azores

Although we have the space, there’s still much to do. Many businesses rely on crowdsourcing funds to help achieve their goals. We decided a more creative way than just asking for money, would be to develop the brand VULCANA – the very first brand of streetwear in the Azores. Our goal is to curate our store, as time goes by, with quality items. Which also means that some of the items you see currently, may not be there in the following month. We will learn from you. Hope this all sounds good to you, because we’re super excited!

Haja Saúde!

Sam & Sara Cabral

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Friends of Vulcana

We would be fools to pursue this journey alone! Especially since we will be the first Brewery of our kind to exist here in the Azores. Luckily we have good friends that have taken-up this adventure and have thankfully been by our side since day one.

Daark Arquitectura


Rua da Carpintaria, 16
Parque Industrial da Ribeira Grande
9600-570 Ribeira Seca
São Miguel, Açores



Monday – Closed
Tuesday – Closed
Wednesday – Closed
Thursday – 16h – 23h
Friday – 16h – 24h
Saturday – 16h – 24h
Sunday – 14h – 20h